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Storyboard is a role-playing story game. It may in fact be the simplest and most versatile story game yet designed.

Playing Storyboard, you take on the role of a fictional character in a fictional world. Your character, described with word traits such as Sorceror and Quick, quests with others to fight evil, recover lost treasure, or create a place for themselves in the world.

As with any story game, the possibilities of stories and characters are endless. What sets Storyboard apart from its competition?

Storyboard does not rely on charts and formulae to record characters and resolve actions.
Describe characters in any words you like. Easily expand the simple rules to incorporate your favorite ideas. You can even play diceless if you want to.
Play a game in any genre, with any premise, at any power level. Your imagination is the only limitation.
The rules stress story-telling and role-playing, and minimize rules-consulting.
Play in any language. If you can understand the simple rules to the game, you can play the game in your native tongue right away without confusion.

The basic Storyboard rule book costs about one-fourth as much as any other serious role-playing game. Even better, it can take the rich, flavorful content of any expensive game's premise and make it easier to play and to modify. If you can't figure out how, I will provide FREE e-mail consultation to help you.

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